Ben Cura: The British Actor Defining Diversity On TV

Ben Cura: The British Actor Defining Diversity On TV

TV is a mixture of history and creativity when it comes to setting trends, with big shows (think Friends or Game Of Thrones) defining trends for a large audience. With the rise of Netflix- and HBO-Age TV, bigger productions are a draw, resulting in opportunities and more recognition of actors like Ben Cura making TV mainstream while also becoming diverse.

Where Did Ben Cura Come From?

Ben Cura is an up-and-coming British actor who is quickly defining diversity on tv. Ben started his professional career by appearing in small roles on television shows such as Midsomer Murders, Broadchurch, and Doctor Who. He quickly became well-known for his roles as Barton Fink in Young Osbourne and The Foreigner in Peaky Blinders. Recently, he was cast in the lead role of Jamal in the hit Canadian series Motive. Ben’s portrayal of a Muslim character on mainstream television is a major contribution to the representation of diversity on tv.

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Early Influences On His Acting Style

Ben Cura is a British actor, best known for his portrayal of diversity on television. Born and raised in Manchester, England, Ben studied Drama at the University of Salford. After graduating, he moved to London to pursue an acting career. Initially working as a stage actor, Ben was soon given the role of Omid in the BBC television series ‘Kiss Me First’ (2013). The performance earned Ben critical acclaim, and he was subsequently given more leading roles in television shows such as ‘The Night Manager (2015), ‘The Crown’ (2016), and most recently ‘War and Peace (2018). In each of these roles, Ben has demonstrated his ability to play complex characters with depth and sensitivity. This breadth of skill has seen Ben nominated for several awards, including the BAFTA Television Award for Best Actor for his role in ‘The Crown’.

The Important Role

Ben Cura is a British actor who has become known for his work on television. He has played supporting roles in many shows, but his most prominent role to date has been that of Dr Charles Carmichael on the show “Black Mirror”, which he has played since its premiere in 2011. Cura’s work on “Black Mirror” has helped to define diversity on television, as Carmichael is a black and grey character who is not afraid to speak his mind. Cura has spoken about how his character helps him to reflect on his own experiences and to be more open-minded. In an interview with Queerty, Cura said: “I loved playing Charles because it was such a challenging role. I had never played anyone like him before- a black gay British man in the tech industry- so it was great to explore that territory and push myself.”

Cura Ben’s Work Diversity

Ben Cura, the British actor who has defined diversity on television, is coming to the US. Cura, who is of Iranian and Irish descent, first became popular in the UK for his role as Nasir Khan on the BBC’s hit show Misfits. Cura later starred in shows such as Luther and the hospital drama Casualty. In 2017, he starred in Netflix’s sci-fi show Altered Carbon as Takeshi Kovacs, a character with a disability. His portrayal won him critical acclaim and a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in a Drama Series. Cura is also known for his work on stage, appearing in productions such as Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Pericles.

Cura’s work on diversity has sparked interest among Hollywood producers. After seeing his performance in Altered Carbon, Reese Witherspoon expressed an interest in bringing him over to the US to star in her upcoming movie adaptation of the novel Wildfire. 

How Does Ben Cura Cast Specific Roles?

Ben Cura is a British actor who has carved out an impressive career in Hollywood. When he was born, Cura was one of just two boys in his family. His mother is Italian and his father is Irish. Cura says that growing up, he often felt “different” from the other kids. This led him to explore different hobbies and interests, ultimately leading him to pursue an acting career. Cura’s first role came as a member of the cast of the British children’s television show “No More Mr Nice Guy.” Since then, he’s appeared in numerous films and TV shows, including roles in “The Crown,” “Black Mirror,” and “The Crown Jewels.”

Cura’s recent work includes starring in the Netflix series “Thirteen Reasons Why” as Jason Dalton. In this show, Cura portrays a character who commits suicide. And leaves thirteen cassette tapes for his classmates to explain why he did it. Cura says that he gravitated toward this role because it allowed him to explore complex issues in an entertaining way. He also notes that playing a character with whom audiences can easily identify is an important aspect of his acting style. Because of his diverse background and varied acting resume, Cura is considered a pioneer in the world of queer performance.

Although predominantly known for his work as an actor, Cura is also a talented singer and songwriter. Cura has released two critically acclaimed hip hop albums including 2001’s “Fight the Power” (OddSquad Music) and 2015’s “The Idiot Dinner party” (Serious Fun Talk . . . Serious Problem), with several uncharacteristic tracks appearing on both. His single, “Believe Me” appeared on the b-side of Lexi Walker’s single “Sunshine” in 2016. He has previously remixed other artists including Foster The People and Beyoncé.

What is He Currently Playing 

Ben Cura is an incredibly talented British actor and has done amazing work portraying diverse characters on television. Below are just a few of the roles that he has taken on, demonstrating his incredible versatility: 

  • In 2017, Ben Cura starred in the drama series “The Crown” as Emmett Livingstone, the Prime Minister’s secretary. This was his first major role in a UK television series and it was well-received by viewers. 
  • He has also appeared in numerous British comedy shows, including “Peep Show” and “Black Mirror”. In “Peep Show”, he played Mark, one of the roommates of David Mitchell (played by Sacha Baron Cohen). He also portrayed Malik Yoba in the award-winning drama series “Black Mirror”, which aired in 2014 and 2015. His character was a radical Muslim cleric who becomes disillusioned with society.

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