Fingerboarding With a Tech Deck

Fingerboarding With a Tech Deck

Tech Deck manufactures fingerboards, a working replica of a skateboard, that children can use to mimic skateboarding maneuvers with their hand. These fingerboards are available in various series. In addition, there are fingerboards with full profiles. These products are available in the PitchBook platform, where children can see how their hand movements affect the boards.


If you’re into skateboarding, the Tech Deck may be the perfect board for you. This board has an HD quality screen and smooth animations. It includes 144 true-to-life skateboards and is officially licensed with various skateboard companies. In addition, this skateboard game has cash and gold boosts, stat boosts, and local competitions.

One of the most appealing features of this deck is its unique construction. It uses multiple layers of maple wood with varying thicknesses. The inner layers are thicker than the outer layers, providing a better board feel and longer life. The deck’s patented Powerply technology prevents splinters and also offers more pop than traditional skateboard decks.

Tech Deck also has licensing deals with major bike and skateboard manufacturers. Its fingerboards have realistic graphics and decals that are based on the designs of full-size trick boards. If you’re heavier than average, you might want to choose a smaller, lighter deck. The smaller board will make learning how to skateboard easier.

In addition to the fingerboards, Tech Deck also has several other items. Each pack of Tech Deck skateboards comes with six fingerboards, a skate tool, grip tape, and a collector’s poster. Depending on the size of your order, you may also get a golden truck for your skateboard.

Fingerboard Design

A fingerboard’s design also helps skateboarders visualize tricks. Many fingerboarders use their decks as 3-D models to better understand the motion of tricks and maneuvers. Some use them to create video documentations of their efforts. These videos are widely-viewable online. They also help keep the community up-to-date on the latest trends in skateboarding.

Some Tech Deck sets also have rails or ramps. The ramps are hand-built in skate parks and are generally a few inches long. The rails, on the other hand, play an important role in fingerboard tricks. The rails are usually a few inches long and go down a set of stairs.

Concaves are another important feature of a skateboard deck. Low-concave skateboards have a slight curvature, which makes them more stable and easier to maneuver. However, they also hinder agility and make it difficult to flip.


Fingerboarding with a tech deck is a type of skateboarding that uses a miniature skateboard. The fingers are used to emulate the movements of the skateboarder’s feet while standing on the fingerboard. It is a fun activity and is competitive; you can join fingerboarding leagues and contests across the country. It is possible to learn basic tricks and become a pro with a tech deck and some practice.

The tech deck fingerboard is a small skateboard that comes with diecast metal trucks, grip tape, and graphics from skate companies. There is a wheel set included with the fingerboard and an adjustable kingpin. It also comes with a sticker sheet and a hardware tool. You can purchase different color Tech Decks for different purposes.

The most common Tech Deck trucks can fit a variety of deck widths, but a good starter fingerboard should be at least 25mm wide. If you want a more advanced fingerboard, you can choose a tech deck that’s 30mm wide. Tech Deck trucks can be very affordable, so they’re a good option for beginners. They’re also great for practice since you can practice tricks indoors and outdoors.

Width of Fingerboard

Different Sized Fingerboards

The width of the fingerboard plays a large role in how well it fits the fingers. Different sized fingerboards have different grip patterns, so try out a few sizes before choosing the best one for you. A narrower board is easier to flip, while a wider one gives you more control.

The trucks of the fingerboards are connected to the deck by screws and nuts. They are usually made of plastic or metal. Some of the older versions were made of cardboard. Now, there are mass-produced plastic fingerboards and more reliable ones made of wood. Fingerboarding with a tech deck is a fun activity that you can do with friends and family. It is also a great way to get involved with skateboarding.

To improve your fingerboarding skills, you need to learn how to perform the ollie. To perform an ollie, you must be able to get a good hold of the board and push it upwards. Using both fingers, you can even press down on the top of the board to help the board get to the desired position.

Skate park sets

Before purchasing any skate park, it is important to read reviews and do some research. This is to avoid making a bad decision later. The reviews should come from reliable sources. Moreover, you should also look for videos and pictures to make a good decision. The tech deck skatepark is not a cheap product, so you need to make sure that you are getting the best deal.

Tech Deck skateboards come fully assembled or in modular sets that can be customized according to your preference. These sets are compatible with X-Connect boxes, which allow you to modulate different elements to suit your child’s skill level. Some of the sets include skateboards, rails, bowls, and stairs. You can also get the famous Nyjah Huston skateboard with a Tech Deck set, which is recommended for kids aged six and up.

Tech Deck has licensing deals with the major bike and skateboard manufacturers. This allows you to get a skate park that looks like the real thing, and the finger-sized decks make tricks easier and safer. The company also has expanded the line with ramps and bowls to further add to the skate park experience.

Tech Deck Authentic Graphics

Tech Deck fingerboards come with authentic graphics from real skate companies, and the Build-a-Park World Tour ramp set includes all the pieces you need to build your own ramp. The ramps are based on real-world skate parks and feature iconic features. The Sydney Martin Place set, for example, includes a stair set, rails, and ledge. Other famous skate parks include the Fukuoka Skate Support Center and the P.F.K. Skate Support Center in Japan. All three skate parks have an authentic vert wall, and many of these sets feature tight D.I. transitions.

The Tech Deck Nyjah Skatepark is another fun option for skaters. This skateboard park features an exclusive Nyjah Huston model. It also comes with an X-Connect park creator. These are just some of the many Tech Deck skate park sets available today.


Customization of your Tech-Deck is a great way to make your board your own. You can buy extra parts for your deck, such as stickers and spare wheels, and add your own style to it. We’ve put together some helpful tips to get you started. Remember, you want your Tech-Deck to be as unique as you are.

The first step is to remove the Tech-Deck’s logo. The logo is a pointless addition that drags down the style of your Tech-Deck. You can remove the logo by using a black sharpie and cutting the line between the back bolts. Alternatively, you can add a different colour to the rim to give your Tech-Deck a different look.

The next step is to customize your tech deck using software. Some software applications allow you to choose the color and graphics of your new deck. Another useful feature is a 360 degree virtual view. With the software, you can view your creation from all angles, and make changes in a matter of days. If you’re looking to make a big statement with your new deck, a custom tech deck could be the perfect choice.

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