How Often Should You Get a Massage For Stress

How Often Should You Get a Massage For Stress

Have you ever wondered about having a massage in stress and anxiety? Because massage can reduce the stress on your mind and muscles, which can help you rest at ease mentally and physically. Also, the needs of everyone in different, so it might not be the same for everyone to have regular massages. Most people book their subsequent massage therapy after having a great time in the spa center. 

There can be different types of stress for everyone; an athlete might be dealing with stress from an injury or an average person who may have stress at his workplace to workload, or maybe a normal person who is dealing with family problems. 

Here’s a guide to determining your stress and how often you can massage in a month. 

If you are an athlete: 

When it comes to athletics, the simplest scenario to consider is. If you are an athlete, you should receive massages as often as necessary for the sport you are in and your unique goals. Some athletes get massages on a regular basis, while others only get them before a big tournament. It would be best if you inspected your training plan as well as what your therapist suggests for your individual sport, training, and goals.

For pain management: 

For many people, pain is the main reason why they go to spa centres to have massage therapy, and pain can also cause mental and physical stress that can make anyone go to a spa centre for massage therapy. 

If you are going through an injury and you are in pain, and you want to reduce or eliminate the impact of the pain, massage therapy can be a great technique for you to help you escape from pain. 

If you are in severe pain, but it does not necessitate medical assistance, you might receive a massage once or twice a week for the first week, then lessen the frequency as the weeks’ progress, unless two visits per week are still required.

Moreover, as you may know, pain-reducing therapy can be different for everyone as their pain management cannot be the same. So, if you feel like your pain is reduced by having 2 massage therapies or your pain gets very low, it would be best to go for massage therapy once a week. 

Personal needs: 

Sometimes all you need is to lessen stress in your life or find a strategy to handle the tension you can’t avoid. Massage is a terrific method to decrease stress and soothe the body, whether from your job, having children, or other physical or mental obligations.

This is frequent among those who work or live in high-stress environments and tourists. Weekly or bi-weekly massage appointments might help you manage your busy schedule much more easily. It’s beneficial to alleviate stress and have something to look forward to each week. You may not know how sore you are until you have a massage, even if you are sore from every day tensions.

Where to get the best massage therapy for stress release? 

It depends on the area you are living in. if you are living in Greenwich, London, then meridian spa can be the best option available for you. For other areas, you can search and read reviews of stress-release massage therapy before booking an appointment. 

Can you have too many massage therapies? 

Massage therapy is the greatest tool for improving mood, relieving stress, enhancing productivity, and increasing quality of life. After massage therapy, you might feel much better unless you will face any stress or injury. That will make you think about having another massage session so you can make your headache, tension, and stress go away. Also, can enhance your energy and improve mental health. So, is it better to have too many massage therapies? 

Actually, getting massaged too regularly might be harmful. Unless you are dealing with discomfort or participating in high-intensity activities, you should only go once a week. You and your therapist will be able to identify the optimal frequency because your body’s reaction is a significant component of this.

Moreover, it would be best to go for massage therapy once a month if you have no issues and just want to relax. Or on the other hand, you can go for massage therapy twice a week if you are dealing with severe pain or injury. Also, if you do not go for massage therapy often, your muscles might start to get stiff and sore. You can have different massage therapies depending on your needs, such as, 

  • Deep tissue massage 
  • Swedish massage 
  • Thai massage 



When you feel your body is starting to get stiff and sore, you should go for massage therapy. Also, choosing a massage technique depends on you and your needs. 

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