Justus Terry: 14-Year-Old Football Player With Absurd Physique Is Going Viral

Justus Terry: 14-Year-Old Football Player With Absurd Physique Is Going Viral

Justus Terry is a 14-year-old American football player whose physique and talent have captured the attention of people. This article is based on a recent blog post talking about the rise in Justus Terry’s success, his genius and his future plans in sports.

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Background: Justus Terry

14-year-old Justus Terry has a physique that is absurd by any reasonable standard. But Terry’s absurdly large frame has done nothing but help him achieve success in one of the most difficult sports to excel in: American football.

Justus Terry is a football player from Detroit who has an absurdly large physique for his age and size. His body measurements are 34-25-33 inches, and his arms measure 23-1/4 inches around. His legs measure 33-9/10 inches around. According to the Guinness World Records, no other person in history has measured anywhere near as large as Justus Terry.

Despite his giant frame, Terry got his start playing American football when he was just 4 years old. At just 5’7″, he was one of the smallest players on his team, but he never gave up on his dream of becoming a professional footballer. To make it a successful player, Terry developed an extremely aggressive playing style that relied heavily on brute strength and size.

Introduction to His Training

A year ago, Justus Terry was an average-sized kid playing football in his local park. Now, he’s a viral inspiration for people around the world with absurd physiques and the training that lies behind it all.

Justus started training at the age of 8, after seeing how well his physically unfit (but athletically gifted) older brother fared as a bodybuilder. Justus focused on improving his fitness gradually by adding weight to his lifts and modifying his diet. In just over two years, his transformation has been astonishing – from an average-sized football player to someone with a physique that can put many professional bodybuilders to shame!

Justus’ secret? An insane amount of hard work and dedication to training – something anyone can apply in their own life. If you’re looking for a unique and powerful motivator to improve your fitness, Justus Terry is the perfect role model.

Justus and the NFL

Justus Terry is quickly making a name for himself in the NFL. His unusual build and unrivalled strength have caught the attention of many teams, and he has already been invited to try out for several teams.

Justus first made waves on the internet when he was videotaped bench-pressing an astonishing 600 pounds. Since then, his story has gone viral and he has received offers from numerous football teams to try out for their squads. Justus’s amazing physique has even caught the attention of the professionals; UFC fighter Derrick Lewis recently tweeted that he wanted to fight Justus Terry. Justus is undoubtedly one of the most physically impressive people to ever play football, and his story is sure to excite football fans around the world.

A Good Story For The Ages

It was just a regular day on the football field for Justus Terry. However, thanks to his absurd physique, he managed to take the internet by storm. He was playing against another team when he accidentally caught the eye of one of the spectators. This spectator decided to take a picture of Justus Terry and post it online.

The photo quickly went viral, and people all over the world were fascinated by Justus Terry’s unique physique. many people compare him to muscles beyond those seen in a normal person. The amazing thing is that Justus Terry is just starting out in his football career. He still has plenty of potentials to achieve great things. And his bizarre physique only makes him more popular among fans.


Justus Terry, a 14-year-old football player with an absurd physique, is going viral. The photos of Justus Terry’s ripped physique have caught the attention of fitness enthusiasts all over the internet. Is this just another example of “bodybuilding went wrong”? Or can you really achieve amazing physiques like Justus Terry by practising regular exercise and following a strict ketogenic diet?

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