Salted Nut Roll Shots: The Bartender’s Favorite Shot

Salted Nut Roll Shots: The Bartender’s Favorite Shot

For the love of bartenders everywhere, let’s not start a debate about the glory of Salted Nut Roll Shots over Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Long story short: everyone digs a shot before or after their lunch or dinner. This salty and nutty whisky blend will serve you well on your nights off, whether you’re at a bar doing some shooting-star shots after work with someone who cares about whiskey, or just enjoying a cocktail at home in your new stainless steel mixing cup with PBH for days.

What are Salted Nut Roll Shots?

Salted Nut Roll Shots are a bartender’s favourite shot. They are simply a shot of whiskey, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and a salted nut stick. The salted nut stick is responsible for the saltiness and flavour in the shot.

When bartenders think of shots, they often think of something a little more complicated and difficult to make, like a Moscow mule or an Old Fashioned. But, sometimes the simplest shots are the best-case scenario. That’s certainly the case with Salted Nut Roll Shots.

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What are Salted Nut Roll Shots? 

Simply put, they’re cocktails made with Rollo Drinks mixed with Bailey’s Irish Cream and salted nut mix. The result is a delicious shot that’s perfect for any occasion (and easy to make).

How to Make Salted Nut Roll Shots?

First, start by pouring your favourite spirit into a shot glass. Then, add Bailey’s Irish Cream and enough salted nut mix to fill the shot glass about halfway. Finally, put the shot in the freezer for about five minutes to frost the glass and give it a nice icy finish. Serve immediately

History of Salted Nut Roll Shots

Salted Nut Roll Shots are a bartender’s favourite shot because they’re both delicious and easy to make. Most often, salted nut roll shots are made with bourbon and Drambuie, but they can also be made with any spirit or liqueur that you like. 

The history of salted nut roll shots is largely unknown, but it’s likely that they originated in Europe. The original recipe likely involved soaking the nuts in a fragrant liquor before slowly rolling them in sugar. Today, many bartenders still prefer their salted nut roll shots sans nuts, replaced instead by raisins or McClure’s tangy Cherry Syrup.

Variations on the Salted Nut Roll Shot

The bartender’s favourite shot is the salted nut roll shot. This popular drink variation swaps regular peanuts for salted nuts and combines them with green tea lemongrass syrup and club soda. The result is a subtly sweet and salty take on an old-fashioned, classic cocktail. Here are four variations that will inspire you to whip up a batch of your own.

Salted Nut Roll Shot with Honeyed Grenadine

Sweetener options for the salted nut roll shots abound, but honeyed grenadine is a perfect fit for this particular drink. Add a float of honey to club soda for an extra layer of sweetness and depth of flavour. If you can’t find honeyed grenadine, simply substitute regular grenadine for a drier option.

Salted Nut Roll Shot with Ginger Syrup

If you’re feeling spicy, add a dollop of ginger syrup to your shots instead of or in addition to the green tea lemongrass syrup. Combined with the rich sweetness of the peanuts and honey, ginger syrup provides a zing that will take your shots from good to great.

Salted Nut Roll Shot with Brown Sugar Maple

SyrupIf you’re standing in line for a hot holiday beverage and really can’t wait, you can make your own grenadine using syrup by combining 1/2 cup brown sugar with 2 parts maple syrup. Marmalade or preserves may also be used. Scoop out some appropriate syrups into the shot bottle, then add clear iced tea to create a perfect drink whenever you like. You’ll be so happy when the concoction is finished that you’ll feel like making another salted nut roll just to finish off the jumble of flavours swirling around in your mouth.

Elements that Contribute to a Bartender’s Favorite Shot

Bartender’s favourite shots are made with ingredients that are easy to find and customize according to a customer’s preferences. The following elements make up a bartender’s favourite shot: variation in alcohol content, salted nuts, and sweetness.

Variation in Alcohol Content

The alcohol content of a bartender’s favourite shot can be customized to fit the customer’s preference. Shots with higher alcohol content tend to be more flavorful and complex, giving bartenders more control over the final product. Shots with lower alcohol content are generally easier to drink, making them more popular among customers who want a light and refreshing drink.

Salted Nuts

Adding salt to nuts adds flavour and moisture, which can make a shot more enjoyable for a bartender. Bartenders prefer shots that have lots of salt because it enhances the flavour of the other ingredients. Some shots may also have added salts such as Patron Salteño Margaritas or The White Russian.


Bartenders also like shots that are sweetened to add a little extra flavour and appeal to customers. Sweeteners such as syrups or honey can be used to achieve this goal. 

Tips for Serving Salted Nut Roll Shots

  • Give guests a variety of salted nut roll shots to choose from. Different guests may prefer different flavours and strengths. 
  • To make the shots even more unique, add your own twist by using different types of nuts or spices. 
  • If you’re serving as a bartender, keep a few racks of salted nut rolls on hand so that guests can order their favourites as drinks.


The bartender’s favourite shot? Yes, you guessed it! Salted nut roll shots! These delicious little indulgences combine the classic taste of a salted nut roll with the perfect amount of sweetness and liquor to give you that extra boost you need to finish your shift strong. Not only are they super simple to make, but they also require very few ingredients so that you can tailor them to your own individual tastes. Who knows? Maybe we’ve inspired you to add this popular bar food staple to your own personal repertoire.

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