SmiHub – Best Instagram Story Viewer & Video Downloader

SmiHub – Best Instagram Story Viewer & Video Downloader

Sometimes turning your Instagram feed into a story and sharing it with your family or friends is the best way to capture their attention. But other times, you want to save that video so that you can watch it later on your computer or watch someone else’s version. Or maybe you want to make some videos of your own, then share them with your followers! Whatever the case, SmiHub is here to help you get what you’re looking for all in one place. You can even find sources on how to use your camera to take the perfect shot.

What is SmiHub?

SmiHub is a new Instagram story and video downloader that makes it easy to save stories and videos from Instagram. Simply paste a URL into the SmiHub interface and the app will automatically download the story or video for you. There’s also a toolbar on the main screen that lets you easily add stories and videos from other sources, like YouTube.

SmiHub’s built-in editor lets you add text, hashtags, and stickers to your stories and videos. You can also share your stories and videos on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms. The app is free to use, and there are no ads. If you’re an Instagram user, then SMIHub is definitely worth checking out!

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Why Use SmiHub

If you’re on Instagram, odds are you’ve seen a story or video that’s blown your mind. And if you’re not on Instagram, you should be! This social media platform is packed with amazing creative content that can be used to create stunning pieces of marketing or just to share someone’s great moment with the world. But how do you make sure your own content shines? One way is to use Smihub, the best Instagram story and video downloader out there.

SmiHub makes it easy for you to find and download high-quality stories and videos from popular accounts. You can even caption and share them with your followers right from the app! Plus, if you run into any problems downloading content or have any questions, their support team is available 24/7. So what are you waiting for? Start using SmiHub today to take your Instagram Stories and videos to the next level.

Importing GIFs & Videos From Instagram

Looking for a way to easily and quickly add GIFs to your Instagram Stories or videos? Look no further than Smihub. This app allows you to easily import GIFs from your computer, save them for later, and share them with ease. Plus, it offers a variety of other features that can make your social media workflow more efficient.

Add Effects to your Instagram Video or Picture

Instagram isn’t just for sharing beautiful photos and videos with your friends. You can also use it as a platform to share interesting stories and engage with your followers. However, if you’re new to Instagram Story or video posting, then you may not know how to add effects to your content. In this blog post, we’ll explore the best free and premium Instagram story and video downloader apps that will help you to add effects to your posts easily.


1) Filmic Pro – This is a free app that’s available on both iOS and Android devices. It offers a wide range of filters, including stock filters such as haze, vignette, sepia tone and contrast increase, as well as customisable filters that you can create yourself. You can also add text overlays, music tracks and more to your videos.

2) Instagram Video Downloader – This is another free app that’s available on both iOS and Android devices. It allows you to download Stories and videos for offline viewing. It also has a wide range of additional features, including the ability to crop and reshape videos before downloading them, as well as the ability to add effects. 

Preview Options

Smihub is the best Instagram story and video downloader for anyone who wants to easily extract great content from their feeds. It provides users with a variety of customization options so they can get the most out of their accounts. Plus, it’s packed with features that make it an essential tool for bloggers and social media managers. Learn more about it below!


If you’re looking to take your Instagram and YouTube storytelling to the next level, then Smihub is the app for you. With Smihub, you can easily create high-quality videos and stories that will excite your followers and help you grow your following faster than ever before. Plus, with our free trial offer available at all times, there is no reason not to give us a try!

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