Write for us – Guidelines

Do You Want to “Write For Us” Contribute? We are available to work with you.

Write for us 

The tech venture is the best website for finding the most recent information on various topics, including technical, entertainment, business, gaming, health, news, games, and sports. To address public demand, our team members offer informative content.

As a result, we’re always seeking authors who want to lend a hand by offering their valuable knowledge, wisdom, and counsel to the tech venture team.

You can participate in the tech venture by following the instructions on the website, which are provided below.

All blog posts created for The tech venture must adhere to the following rules and specifications:

  1. Blog postings should be well written in plain language.
  2. One SEO optimisation image in the header’s picture
  3. Our tech venture team does not tolerate plagiarism and copyright infringement.
  4. The ideal word count for blog posts is 800-1000.
  5. The blog postings should contain original content. Additionally, it should not be released anywhere.
  6. An article should have proper formatting, headers, subheadings, photographs, graphs, tables, and other elements to give value.
  7. The tech venture team will edit your submission if it is chosen before publishing it.
  8. Your blog entries ought to contain at least two or three of your keywords.
  9. The tech venture team retains the right to delete the Blog Post whenever it wants, without providing you with a prior warning.

Accepting Niche

  • “Technology”
  • “Health”
  • “Gaming”
  • “Business”
  • “Sports”
  • “News”

You are welcome to write for us in any legally permissible niche.

Article Submission Procedure

A blog article can be submitted in a fairly straightforward manner. Given that you can email your content directly to

Email: thetechnologyventure@gmail.com